If you met someone and found them attractive though they wouldn't tell you anything about their past, would you still feel compelled by them?


perhaps. i used to be the same way so i’d definitely understand but it might be difficult for me to navigate that relationship at this point. now i live a bit too actively in the past, so it’d probably be better to be around someone who lives more presently.

Where do you like to enjoy your solitude and how?


i try to enjoy it all the time, wherever i am.
more successfully, at home. living by myself is wonderful, it’s a home that i put together, something that is mine for the time being. when i want to engage more with the world, i can just leave the house.

If you could do absolutely anything right now what would it be? With anyone else?


in my bed, cuddled up watching tv probably fallin asleep soon..company would be good but i dont know anyone in particular that could fill that spot cuffing season with no one to cuff

Will you please write me a Villanelle?

too busy tindering, steadily losing the charge on my phone, will try to do one at some point though!


plz plz help me kill some time on this two hour train ride plz prrrtty plz


Eduardo Arroyo (Spanish, b. 1937), Chimney Sweep, 1980. Collage on sandpaper, 100 x 80 cm.

nj transit

momentary fantasy:
thus far, the train attendant has not asked me to pay since i got on at the first stop and will be getting off at the last stop. i reminded him once, earlier on and he already had sort of forgotten..what if i just paid him in the rest of my whiskey cos i am already drunk and i didnt have to pay and didnt have to throw away my booze since i am already drunk enough cos i only ate one meal today? i could probably say this better and funnier but i am definitely drunk and listenin to pretty girls make graves so i dunno , but also this fantasy of trading booze for payment makes no sense cos what if he forgets the whole way?? that’d be better

update: got it for free?? and kept my booze !


Half of Mailer, 2013, From the series 100 Great Writers.


Half of Kavanagh, 2014. From the series 100 Great Writers.