Love, you poison my typewriter. How can I write with every key screaming? Since you’ve left, I’ve had hangovers they could name battleships after.
Ernest Hemingway, from a letter to Martha Gellhorn (via violentwavesofemotion)
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partition (BEYONCE) into my night with the prostitute from marseille (BEIRUT) is so good. possibly a decent mash up i dunno 

 (still don’t care)

I don't know you personally. I've kept up with your tumblr musings, and as little solace as I can offer as an anonymous commenter on your blog, you have so much time! There is someone, there are people out there waiting to share their lives with you and have you share yours with them. For all the future opportunities, there is someone wanting to be excited about them with you. The opportunities exist to repair familial gaps too. You are worthy and loveable, you have eternal capacity.


thank you.  i believe the same things, and it’s always good to hear them from others.  

i met my partner on okcupid so there is real hope! you never know who you will meet.


not gonna happen fer me, cos i’m not really lookin for that but i’m glad to hear it works out like that fer others! 

bout to watch buffy in the bath 

Just joined okcupid again fer shits and giggles and it took about two seconds for the ridiculous messages to roll in. this is gonna be fun. and short-lived, i bet. 

Julian Wasser
Arrest on Hollywood Boulevard, 1970

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